november birthdays celebration

We all got together yesterday to celebrate the November birthdays: my Dad turning 81, Jack turning 16, and my mom turning 79. We didn’t have 176 candles available, so we opted for one for each of them instead. We played cards and had food and laughed and got yelled at by my mom and had a blast.

About groovyjen

Jennifer is a photographer living in the rural suburbia of Bucks County, PA. She has a passion for her family, animals, and living a simple life very fully. She enjoys getting lost in a book, dog-walking, roasting vegetables, and teaching her rabbit amazing tricks. This blog is her diary of her daily life, as well as of things she loves. You're invited to take a glimpse into her world.
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3 Responses to november birthdays celebration

  1. Looks like so much fun! Really great pics, especially the one with your parents and Jack. No way your Dad can be 81! He looks like he’s in his 60’s, your Mom too!What’s their secret? Other than a great marriage. What do they do to look so young. I just want to be like them when i am older. I miss them sooo much. Give them my love and well wishes.

  2. I also really love how your Mom is gazing at your Dad with pure love in her eyes! Still madly in love! So awesome!

  3. groovyjen says:

    I know, that’s so sweet, huh? Never mind that moments before she was yelling at him to open his bigger. 🙂 They are entertaining, I’ll give you that. I’ll pass along your sweet msg, too… I know they miss you and love you as well.

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