our weekend

We watched the Sopranos… finished it, actually.  What a great show, although I was bummed that Sil got shot in the end.  Now Jason and I have to find something else to watch… we’re thinking Dexter.

This is Madison’s pose to threaten and intimidate squirrels.  It’s like she’s saying, “That’s right, squirrels… see this skull?  I’ve killed a deer so don’t think I can’t take you.”  Such a bad ass.

We also watched a lot of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame on dvd.  It’s so awesome.  Sadly though, MJ isn’t a big fan of Stevie Nicks, even when she sings, “I saw my reflection in a big plate of nachos…”

Jason and I picked this palm up over the weekend for $4.50!  This pic was taken after I cleaned him up and trimmed him.  We’ve named him Paulie Luna, and he’s gonna grow real big and be gorgeous.  I love saving plants that stores put on the death row shelf.

I made a cinnamon bread which Jack gives a thumbs up.  He spent his Friday night and Saturday fasting with his church youth group for a World Vision awareness fundraiser (and raised over $200 for them!), and on Saturday he was back with Urban Promise fixing up a Youth Center in Camden.  I think he made up for his 30 hour fast by eating all day Sunday!

Mr Squirrel decided to mock Madison from his favorite spot on the fence.  She was not pleased with this.

“He was here!  I can still smell him!!”  MJ, on the other hand, couldn’t care less.

This plantgot some much needed help when I repotted him, the poor root-bound baby.

Here part of him sits in his new terra cotta pot (he was divided into 3 different pots) on the credenza in the family room.  After reading how much plants improve the air quality, I am glad I have so many plants all about.  Of course, I like the way they look, too.  I’ve always had plants, even as a kid.  My mother, however, has two brown thumbs, so this love of plants is something I got from my grandmother, which makes me love it more.

Caesar groomed Madison and made her look nice and pretty.  Madison really seems to enjoy it.  We have such a bizarro family.

Bing and Hazel spent all of the weekend days out back, where Bing seemed to especially enjoy the straw put in the igloo, which is their little shelter when they are having their outdoor time in the backgarden.

Jason and I enjoyed date lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant on Monday.

We also swung by the Catholic thrift store where I picked up a cool book and some more buttons for my project.  I’ll be taking pics of that eventually, but for now I am still in button-gathering mode… scored a bunch of brown and green ones here.  Nice!

Also hit HomeGoods and got five more bowls.  Bowls and spoons are used so much in our house, seems like we always need more.  Well, due to a couple getting chipped, it was definitely time for some more bowls.  I love having mix-and-match dishes so I can buy all sorts of pretty designs.  Makes it easy when you need to get more of them, too.

I watched some Monkees on the telly.  It was silly and very goofy, but it made me laugh and miss Davy Jones even more.  So sad when the ones you loved growing up pass away.

Took both dogs for long walks on Saturday.  The weather was cold but clear.  However we did come across some blooming daffodils so I know Spring is not too far away.  This is Madison when we got back from the walk… you can tell by her calm demeanor.  She is a whirling dervish of excitement when we’re on our way out.  She loves her walkies.

All in all, it was a nice three-day weekend… relaxing, fun, and unplugged. 


About groovyjen

Jennifer is a photographer living in the rural suburbia of Bucks County, PA. She has a passion for her family, animals, and living a simple life very fully. She enjoys getting lost in a book, dog-walking, roasting vegetables, and teaching her rabbit amazing tricks. This blog is her diary of her daily life, as well as of things she loves. You're invited to take a glimpse into her world.
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