two seventeen year olds

227Love this pic of Jack’s hair.  It’s so gorgeous.  We were watching “The Doors” and I realized that his hair, apart from the color, is so similarly styled like Ray Manzarek’s.  Now Jack just needs to grow some chops like that… 

Look how cute old man Roller is looking at Jack.  He was so frisky and playful, even though he gets a little wobbly at times (Roller, not Jack… although he enjoyed playing with the dogs, too).


About groovyjen

Jennifer is a photographer living in the rural suburbia of Bucks County, PA. She has a passion for her family, animals, and living a simple life very fully. She enjoys getting lost in a book, dog-walking, roasting vegetables, and teaching her rabbit amazing tricks. This blog is her diary of her daily life, as well as of things she loves. You're invited to take a glimpse into her world.
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