let them eat bread

004 001So we’ve been putting the bread machine to good use lately.  We’ve made a few loaves and some have turned out better than others, but it’s a lot of trial and error and experimenting with finding the right recipes.  We just located the recipe book that came with the machine so that should be an improvement over trying to find suitable ones online.  Regardless, it’s fun and we can make healthy bread with natural ingredients.  And it makes the house smell super delicious, too.


About groovyjen

Jennifer is a photographer living in the rural suburbia of Bucks County, PA. She has a passion for her family, animals, and living a simple life very fully. She enjoys getting lost in a book, dog-walking, roasting vegetables, and teaching her rabbit amazing tricks. This blog is her diary of her daily life, as well as of things she loves. You're invited to take a glimpse into her world.
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