021I love the blue and white sky and the contrasting dark, naked trees in this picture.  There is such beauty here with these two elements.  It is a blessing to be able to see the beauty that surrounds us, because it is all around us… we just have to look.  Sometimes we have to look towards the sky.  Sometimes we have to look within ourselves.  I am constantly looking within and finding beauty and blessings that have been overlooked, forgotten, or taken for granted… and I’m glad I am made aware of them once more.     


About groovyjen

Jennifer is a photographer living in the rural suburbia of Bucks County, PA. She has a passion for her family, animals, and living a simple life very fully. She enjoys getting lost in a book, dog-walking, roasting vegetables, and teaching her rabbit amazing tricks. This blog is her diary of her daily life, as well as of things she loves. You're invited to take a glimpse into her world.
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